Hadia Almahli

 Hi! I finished my PhD in medicinal chemistry in University of Paris Sud- France, then came to Oxford in October 2015. I conduct the asymmetric synthesis of new oxazolomycine derivatives. I enjoy challenging synthetic targets and asymmetric synthesis with high yields. Outside the lab, I enjoy music, cooking and travel.





Visiting Professors

Laurence Lo


DPhil Students

 Halima Bagum


 I am Halima Bagum from Bangladesh. I graduated with a B. Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh in 2010. My undergraduate research work was on the Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Mannich Bases as Cytotoxic Agents. I enrolled at St Cross College in 2015 to read for a DPhil in Organic Chemistry. My current research involves the synthesis of modified pyroglutamate and tetramate systems and evaluation of possible antibacterial activity



 Jonathan Lockett


 Eyup! My name is Jonny and i'm currently working on the development of novel antibiotics through the synthesis of hybridised compounds in the hope of tackling antibacterial resistance. I'm originally from Wakefield and did both my BSc and MSc in medicinal chemistry at the University of Leeds. Outside the lab I enjoy playing near enough every sport under the sun!




 Liban Saney


 Hey, my name is Liban Saney. I am originally from London and I currently enrolled at Corpus Christi college. My DPhil project aims to synthesise new classes on antibacterials to tackle the emerging threat of antibacterial resistance, with a specific focus on making substituted tetramates and assessing these compounds for activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria.




 Lewis Ibbotson

 Hi. I joined in Oct ’17 after studying for my masters in Pharmaceutical and medical science at NTU which directed my in to a drug discovery company where I gained a lot of experience I am now applying to the chemistry I use. When not working I like to chill out by gaming and watching sport. The chemistry I am currently doing will be used to build up a library of compounds to be tested for their antibacterial capabilities. 





 Ruirui Zhang

 Hi, I am Ruirui from Ningbo, China. I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2017 and later joined this group. My project aims to functionalise tetramate systems and to improve their drug-like properties in a search for novel antibacterial to combat antibiotic resistance. Outside the lab, I enjoy travelling, hiking and photography.





Part II Students

 Elena Jarman


 Hiya, my name is Ellie and im a part 2 student from St Catz. My project is focused on making esters of serine, in order to cyclise them onto aldehydes and form tetramates in the hope of generating novel antibacterials. Outside of the lab, I regularly enjoy playing football or netball for college.




 Lewis O'Shaughnessy


 I’m Lewis, a part II student from St John’s college and I’m originally from Salisbury. My project is on alternative routes to tetramate synthesis for antibiotic development.
When I’m not in the lab, I’m normally found near a river as a member of the St John’s rowing team.




 Sunil Mahey


 Howdy!! My name is Sunil from Burmingham and I'm a part II chemistry student at St Catz. My chemical interests involve the synthesis of really exciting, novel modified polymers (plastics are the best). On Sundays (my day off from the lab) I like to cheer on the man city blues then indulge in a good, enticing fiction novel; my favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson. I run the CRL book club which meets evert Saturday at 8 pm, just what you need after a long day in the lab! Any questions, hmu. Au revoir!